The Animal Kingdom 4
A quiz about the animals of the world to suit all abilities. If you spot any errors or would like any other topic covered please let me know.
  1. What do silkworms feed on?
    Mulberry leaves.
  2. Which is the UK's smallest bat?
    The Pipistrelle.
  3. What is the biggest lizard in the world?
    Komodo Dragon.
  4. What can other cats do that a cheetah can't?
    Retract it's claws.
  5. Which animals make up the Suidae family?
  6. What is the common name for a Crane Fly?
    Daddy Long-legs.
  7. What name is given to animals who live on a vegetarian diet?
  8. What is unusual about a Manx cat?
    It has no tail.
  9. Which is the longest living land mammal after man?
  10. Which is the tallest horned animal?
  11. Which mountain range do Llamas call home?
    The Andes.
  12. Which dog was once sacred in China?
  13. What colour is an Ocelot?
  14. What creatures could be toothed or baleen?
  15. In which country did Merino sheep originate?
  16. What animal has breeds such as Limousin, Simmenthal and Hereford?
    (Beef) Cattle.
  17. What type of creature is a Basilisk?
    An Iguana (Lizard).
  18. What is the young of a hare called?
  19. How many hearts does an earthworm have?
  20. Which animals are described by the adjective Ursine?