The Animal Kingdom 3
A quiz about the animals of the world to suit all abilities. If you spot any errors or would like any other topic covered please let me know.
  1. What are Arachnids?
  2. On which island did the dodo live prior to extinction?
  3. What is the longest snake in the world?
    Reticulated Python.
  4. What type of animal is an opossum?
    A Marsupial.
  5. On which part of their bodies do grasshoppers have their ears?
    (Hind) Legs.
  6. What is the fur obtained from a stoat called?
  7. What two species of deer are native to the UK?
    Roe Deer and Red Deer.
  8. From which animal is mohair obtained?
    (Angora) Goat.
  9. Which is the only mammal to have four knees?
  10. Which animal is known as a jumbuck in Australia?
  11. What type of animal is a Fennac?
    A (Desert) Fox.
  12. What type of food does an omnivore eat?
    Plants and animals.
  13. What type of creature is a mandrill?
    A Monkey.
  14. What provides a mole with his principal food source?
  15. What kind of animal is a Nyala?
    An Antelope.
  16. Italian Landrace and Hereford are breeds of which animal?
  17. What name is given to a female ferret?
    A Gill.
  18. Which order of classification of animals has the most members?
  19. What type of creature is a Bandicoot?
    A Marsupial.
  20. What is the colour of lobster's blood.
    (Pale) Blue.