Books and Authors 4
A quiz about books and their authors with questions to suit all the family. To view the answers just move your mouse over the answer boxes, but no cheating!!
  1. Which novel by Jane Austen was originally titled First Impressions?
    Pride and Predjudice.
  2. What was P G Wodehouse's first names?
    Pelham Grenville.
  3. Who is the creator of the Discworld series of books?
    Terry Pratchett.
  4. Whose first novel was titled "High Fidelity"?
    Nick Hornby.
  5. In Charles Kingsley's "The Water Babies", what is Tom's occupation?
    Chimney sweep.
  6. What is the first name of detective Miss Marple?
  7. What was the real name of author George Eliot?
    Mary Ann Evans.
  8. What is the first name of Darcy in "Pride and Predjudice"?
  9. In which area of England is "Cider with Rosie" set?
  10. Who wrote the Twilight series of books?
    Stephanie Meyer.
  11. Which nobel prize winning author wrote "Doctor Zhivago"?
    Boris Pasternek.
  12. Who wrote "The Picture of Dorian Gray"?
    Oscar Wilde.
  13. Under what name did Charles Dodgson write?
    Lewis Carroll.
  14. Which former MP wrote "Kane and Able" and "First Among Equals"?
    Jeffrey Archer.
  15. Who wrote the Thomas the Tank Engine books?
    Revd. W Awdry.
  16. What was E M Forster's firat novel?
    Where Angels Fear to Tread.
  17. Which author created the three laws of robotics?
    Issac Asimov.
  18. Which novel takes place on June 16th?
  19. In the book "A Christmas Carol" what was Scrooge's first name?
  20. In which county are most of D H Lawrence's books set?