Food and Drink 4
A food and drink quiz with questions to suit all the family. To view the answers just move your mouse over the answer boxes, but no cheating!!
  1. What vegetable is often associatted with Wales?
  2. Who founded the fast food chain KFC in 1952?
    Colonel Harland sanders.
  3. What is the principal type of drink manufactured by Bulmers?
  4. What type of citrus fruit is a Shamouti?
  5. What is added to Cheddar cheese to make Illchester cheese?
    Beer and garlic.
  6. In Indian cuisine what is Ghee?
    Clarified butter.
  7. From which country does Pecorino cheese originate?
  8. What is a Worcester Pearmain?
    An apple.
  9. Which herb is used to make a pesto sauce?
  10. What type of pudding is usually eaten with roast beef?
    Yorkshire Pudding.
  11. Which fruit is used to make the spirit Calvados?
  12. What are sometimes referred to as Chinese Gooseberries?
    Kiwi Fruit.
  13. With which country would you associate a Barmbrack?
  14. Which drink was invented in 1886 by John Pemberton?
    Coca Cola.
  15. What do the Americans call a frying pan?
    A Skillet.
  16. What sauce is traditionally served with roast pork?
    Apple Sauce.
  17. Which spirit's name derives from the Dutch for "Burnt Wine"?
  18. What does beer contain that ale traditionally does not?
  19. The Americans call it an eggplant, by what name do we know this vegetable?
  20. What is mixed with champagne to make a Black velvet?