Music of the 1960s - 2
A quiz about the music of the 1960s with questions to suit all the family. To view the answers just move your mouse over the answer boxes, but no cheating!!
  1. Who won the Eurovision song contest for the UK in 1967?
    Sandie Shaw.
  2. Who sang "King of the Road"?
    Roger Miller.
  3. What was Tom Jones' first number one?
    It's Not Unusual.
  4. Which comedian had the biggest selling single of 1965?
    Ken Dodd.
  5. Who replaced Paul Jones as lead singer of Manfred Mann?
    Mike D'abo.
  6. What did Dora Bryant want for Christmas in 1963?
    A Beatle.
  7. Which singer was known as "The Queen of Soul"?
    Aretha Franklin.
  8. Who was the lead singer of Jefferson Airplane?
    Grace Slick.
  9. Which bird did Fleetwood Mac take to the top f the charts in 1969?
  10. Which duo was made up of Bill Medley and Bobby hatfield?
    The Righteous Brothers.
  11. Who managed The Beatles and Cilla Black among others?
    Brian Epstein.
  12. Who reached the top five in 1967 with "She Wears my Ring"?
    Solomon King.
  13. What was The Shadows first number one without Cliff Richard?
  14. Which Beatles song did The Overlanders take to the UK number one?
  15. Which Rolling Stones guitarist died in 1969?
    Brian Jones.
  16. Of which group was Graham nash a member before joining CSN&Y?
    The Hollies.
  17. Which group had a one hit wonder with "Green Tambourine" in 1968?
    The Lemon Pipers.
  18. The song "She's Not There" was a hit in 1964 for which band?
    The Zombies.
  19. Which group featured at one time guitarists Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page?
    The Yardbirds.
  20. Who was the lead singer of The Troggs?
    Reg Presley.