Music of the 1970s - 1
A quiz about the music of the 1970s with questions to suit all the family. To view the answers just move your mouse over the answer boxes, but no cheating!!
  1. "Fame" was a 1975 US number one for which British artist?
    David Bowie.
  2. Which duo recorded "Bridge over Troubed Waters"?
    Simon & Garfunkel.
  3. Which Canadian singer had "A Heart of Gold" in 1972?
    Neil Young.
  4. Noddy Holder was the lead singer of which Glam Rock band?
  5. Who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974?
  6. Who sang "Once, Twice Three Times a Lady"?
    The Commodores.(Lionel Ritchie)
  7. Who sang "Gonna Make You a Star" in 1974?
    David Essex.
  8. Which group's first top ten hit in 1979 was "Eton Rifles"?
    The Jam.
  9. Who took "Car 67" into the 1979 UK top ten?
    Driver 67.
  10. Who were "Uptown Top Rankin'" in 1978?
    Anthis and Donna.
  11. Whose party did Paul Nicholas take into the UK top ten in 1977?
  12. Which group took "Love Machine" into the top 5 of 1976?
    The Miracles.
  13. In which month did Pilot have a 1975 number one with "January"?
  14. Which David Bowie song gave Lulu a UK top ten hit in 1974?
    The Man Who Sold the World.
  15. What type of plane featured in Status Quo's 1973 hit?
  16. Which 1972 record gave The Faces their first UK hit?
    Stay with Me.
  17. What was Elton John's first UK hit of the Seventies?
    Your Song.
  18. Where were Sister Sledge lost in 1979?
    In Music.
  19. Which record of 1977 gave The Sex Pistols their first top 10 hit?
    God Save the Queen.
  20. Who took "Lady" into the US top 10 in 1975?