Music of the 1980s - 1
A quiz about the music of the 1980s with questions to suit all the family. To view the answers just move your mouse over the answer boxes, but no cheating!!
  1. What was Spandeau Ballet's only UK number one?
  2. Who was lead singer of Genesis before Phil Collins?
    Peter Gabriel.
  3. For which band was "Don't Dream It's Over" a worldwide hit?
    Crowded House.
  4. Of which group was Belinda Carlisle a member before going solo?
    The Go-Gos
  5. In which year did Buck's Fizz win the Eurovision Song Contest?
  6. Who rock band released the 1987 album "Hysteria"?
    Def Leppard.
  7. How many members were there in The Thompson Twins?
  8. Who was the lead guitarist of Dire Straits?
    Mark Knopler.
  9. What was the title of Nirvana's 1989 debut album?
  10. Which movie stars eyes did Kim Carnes sing about in 1981?
    Bette Davis.
  11. What was Adam Ant's first solo single?
    Goody Two Shoes.
  12. Which group were "Big in Japan" in 1984?
  13. Who was the lead singer of both The Jam and Style Council?
    Paul Weller.
  14. Who was waiting for Bananrama in the title of their 1984 hit?
    Robert De Niro
  15. What was the title of Texas' debut hit in 1989?
    I Don't Want a Lover.
  16. Who had a number one hit in the 1980s with "Nineteen"?
    Paul Hardcastle.
  17. What was the surname of the family group Five Star?
  18. Before going solo which group was fronted by Billy Idol?
    Generation X.
  19. What was the title of Kylie Minougue's first single?
    The Locomotion.
  20. Which Australian had three number one hits between December 1988 and June 1989?
    Jason Donovan.