The Oscars 1
A quiz about the Academy Awards and the artists that have won them. If you spot any errors or would like any other topic covered please let me know.
  1. Which film was the last to win the awards of Best Film, Actor, Actress, Director and Screenplay?
    The Silence of the Lambs.
  2. During the Second World War what were the Oscar statutettes made from?
  3. Who as at 2014 is the youngest winner of a Best Actor Oscar?
    Adrien Brody.
  4. Which director has won the Best Director award on the most occassions?
    John Ford.
  5. In which year were the Academy Awards Ceremony first held?
    (May 16th) 1929.
  6. Which actor has been nominated twelve times for his acting performances?
    Jack Nicholson.
  7. As at 2014 which was the last film to win both Best Actor and Best Actress awards?
    As Good as it Gets(1997).
  8. Which has been the only X-Rated film to win a Best Film Oscar?
    Midnoght Cowboy.
  9. Which was the first colour movie to win the Best Picture Oscar?
    Gone With the Wind.
  10. Who is the oldest winner of an acting Oscar?
    Jessica Tandy.
  11. Which actor sent Sacheen Littlefeather to recieve his Best Actor Oscar?
    Marlon Brando.
  12. Who won the Best Actress Award for her performance in "Misery"?
    Kathy Bates.
  13. To date which is the only film for which Al Pacino has won an acting Oscar?
    Scent of a Woman.
  14. Who are the only brother and sister to both win acting awards?
    Lionel & Ethel Barrymore.
  15. What was the first movie to win the Oscar for Best Animated Feature?
  16. In which year was the Oscar ceremony first televised?
  17. Who has won the most Oscar awards?
    Walt Disney.
  18. For which movie did Dustin Hoffman win his first Oscar in 1979?
    Kramer vs Kramer.
  19. Which movie won an Oscar twenty years after it was made?
  20. What phrase replaced "...and the winner is" in 1989?
    "And the Oscar goes to.."