The Oscars 2
A quiz about the Academy Awards and the artists that have won them. If you spot any errors or would like any other topic covered please let me know.The answers can be seen by polling your mouse over the answer box.
  1. Who has hosted the Academy Awards show on the most occassions?
    Bob Hope.
  2. Which two countries have won the Best Foreign Language Oscar on most occassions?
    Italy & France.
  3. Which was the first animated film to recieve a Best Picture nomination?
    Beauty and the Beast.
  4. Who is the only person to be awarded an Oscar and a Nobel Prize?
    George Bernard Shaw.
  5. Who is the youngest winner of an acting Oscar?
    Tatum O'Neill.
  6. Which was the first film to win the Best Film Oscar?
  7. Which was the first movie to win the top five Oscars?
    It Happened One Night.
  8. Which actress has won the most Best Actress Awards?
    Katherine Hepburn.
  9. Which actor won his first Best Actor Oscar for the movie "The Color of Money"?
    Paul Newman.
  10. Who was the first person to win Oscars in consecutive years?
    Luise Rainer (1936 & 1937)
  11. Which movie had THREE Best Actor nominations?
    Mutiny on the Bounty
  12. Which film recieved only one nomination, for Best Film, and won?
    Grand Hotel (1931).
  13. Who won the Best Actor award in 1953 for his performance in High Noon?
    Gary Cooper.
  14. Which film other than "Titanic" recieved 14 Oscar nominations?
    All About Eve.
  15. Who won a Best Actor award in 1990 for his portrayal of artist Christy Brown?
    Daniel Day Lewis.
  16. Which British actress was awarded two Academy Awards in the 1970s?
    Glenda Jackson.
  17. Who is the only person to win a Best Director Oscar for his first and only movie?
    Jerome Robbins.
  18. Who is the only person to have been awarded an Oscar for portraying a member of the opposite sex?
    Linda Hunt.
  19. For which movie did Martin Scorcese win his first Best Director Oscar?
    The Departed.
  20. Who was the first actor to refuse a Best Actor Oscar?
    George C Scott.