World of Sport 2
A quiz covering all sports with questions to suit all ages and abilities. The answers can be revealed by passing your mouse over the answer blocks.
  1. Which English football team are nicknamed "The Posh"?
    Peterborough United.
  2. How many lanes are there in an Olympic swimming pool?
  3. How many bails are used in a game of cricket?
  4. In ten pin bowling, how many pins have to be knocked down to score a strike?
  5. How many times can a volleyball be touched by one team before crossing the net?
  6. How many players are there in a water polo team?
  7. In showjumping, how many faults are recorded for a Refusal?
  8. How many feathers are there on a standard shuttlecock?
  9. How many players are there in a Women's lacrosse team?
  10. How many fences are jumped twice in the Grand National?
  11. Which golfer was nicknamed "The Great White Shark"?
    Greg Norman.
  12. Who posthumously won the World F1 Racing Championship in 1970?
    Jochen Rindt.
  13. Between which two countries was the first international cricket match played in 1844?
    USA & Canada.
  14. What is a "Full Nelson"?
    A Wrestling Hold.
  15. Which Scottish football team took its name from a ballroom used by its players?
    Heart of Midlothian.
  16. By what name is the captain of a curling team known?
  17. What is the highest finish with three shots in darts?
  18. In golf, what is the penalty for hitting the wrong ball?
    Two stroke penalty.
  19. At its centre, what is the height of a tennis net?
    Three feet.
  20. How many points are awarded for a touchdown in American Football?